Standing on the tide of natural beauty,

Sencus Frudenia is a cultivator of excavating the science & beauty of fruits.

Sencus is named from Latin words Sanus (health) and Decus (beauty).

Frudenia means fruits. Sencus Frudenia indicates the health & beauty from fruits.


Our foundational philosophy is to promote a personal care that targets “Authenticity & Fear Free.”

Hence, we produce care products that are beautifully authentic and convey the beliefs that skincare is essentially personal with a long-term conversation in it.


We research and develop fruit-based skincare products that are suitable for all people.

We highlight the importance of fruits not only because Taiwan is a land that owns an intriguing image of prime quality, but also we are aiming for introducing the contemporary art  from modern Formosa with the lights of fruits. 


We envision a brand that explores personal care with fruits. Our mission is to include different types of fruits that are capable of elevating the scope of each person’s daily care routine. By this vision, each and every one of us can be surrounded by the charming arms of nature.


We design different series of care products that links to multiple functions in facial care routine. Given that fruits are cultural heritage in human history, we 

ground our design on prior myths with modern craftmanship. We believe a brand that integrates the beautiful minds of the past and present will ultimately

immerse everyone into an

approachable ritual that realizes the echoing beauty from the past and present.


We believe,

One day with Frudenia is one day without inertia.