Q1 : Are the fruits real in your products?
All the fruits in Frudenia's products are real extracts. We do not use synthetical fruits.

Q2 : What kinds of skin types are suitable for Frudenia's product?
The products we offer are suitable for all skin types since we adopt nonirritating ingredients across all of our products. However, please consult doctors for professional advices if you have skin discomfort or any further skin concerns.

Q3 : Do you conduct animal experimentation? Is vegetarian suitable for Frudenia's product?
We do not conduct animal experimentation. Vegetarian and animal lovers are suitable for our products as well. 

Q4 : Is it normal to observe a bit deposits?
The deposits deriving from fruit or botanical extracts are natural, they will not affect the functions of products.

Q5 : Can I use a mask on a daily basis? Do I need to wash my face after using a mask?
We suggest using a mask once in 2-3 days; also, you may change different types of mask every time. Is it not necessary to wash your face after using a mask (it is fine to wash if you wish). After using a mask, you may further on using creams or equivalent products to finish the procedure.

Q6 : Hong long can Frudenia's product endure?
The expiration date will be three years after the produced date. We suggest all products to be used within three months after teared up.

Q7 : Do you add preservatives in products?
Yes. To keep products from bacteria and preserve them in stable conditions, we add appropriate amount of preservatives according to the regulations of Taiwanese authorities.

Q8 : Why is the texture of products seem to change over time?
The fruit and botanical extract we add may have slight differences according to changing climate and environments. These are natural phenomena. 

Q9 : How long does it take to receive my order?
Typically, orders will arrive within 7 working days. Please note that there may be delays when facing major events.