Chief R&D Officer Doctor Du

Doctor Du is responsible for the research and development of Frudenia's products.

He is not only a big fan of the concept "natural beauty" but also a determined advocate of fruit nutrition.

Devoloping fruit-based products is essentially an intruiging quest in personal care industry.

Doctor Du is committed to supervise the construction of all prodcuts to ensure the prime qualtiy of Frudenia can be delivered

to our beloved customers.


芙丹妮 杜醫師















The Philosophy & Design of Sencus Frudenia 

Led by Chairman Dr. Cheng, Brand director Andrew and CEO Simone.

The founders of Frudenia possess unwavering vision in perosnal care.

The foundational philosophy and desing of Sencus Frudenia is to provide people an enduring image of "safe & authentic" persoanl care products.

We highlight the embedded nutrition of fruits and infuse it with modern art from contemporary minds to promote the beauty of fruits.

We are the cultivator of fruits.

We are committed to explore fruit beauty.