Please note, registering a membership or purchasing on Frudenia's official website means that you accept all the purchase polices, privacy terms, and membership regulations on this website. Please note, the following purchasing policy is limited to Taiwan only, international buyers may contact Frudenia Taiwan to get further information on international purchases. 

      Please Note

  • Any purchase on this website should be viewed as an acceptance of the following policies. 
  • Membership policy is only applied on Frudenia's official website (this website).
  • Frudenia possesses all rights to alter, suspend, and issue final interpretation on all campaigns on this website (including membership policy, bonus points & discount coupons, etc).
  • Frudenia possesses all rights to approve or disapprove all purchases on this website. If purchases are disapproved due to reasons that can be attibuted to transactional misinformation, technical problems, malicious abandonment or any other relevant issues, Frudenia will issue a formal notice via email or text messages to you to confirm the cancellation of purchases. 
  • All orders on Frudenia's official website are transacted by NTD. 


  • Bonus points will be sent to your account after accomplishing an order.
  • The 250NTD first-purchase award will be sent by bonus points to your account, and it can be used right away upon your first purchase.
  • 1 bonus point equals to 1NTD. One can use bonus points when the purchasing amount exceeds 500NTD. All bonus points one possesses can be used every time you shop.
  • All bonus points can last for one year. The remain bonus points in your account after a year will be deleted.
  • The above bonus points policy can only be used on Frudeniua's official website.


  • We offer three convenient store (7-11, FamilyMart & Hi-Life) pickups that accept your payment while you pick up your package. However, due to convenient stores' volume policy, orders that are shipped by convenient stores cannot exceed 7000NTD. Orders that surpass 7000NTD are suggested to choose delivery service or split into two orders. 
  • We accept credit cards, Line Pay and JKOPAY.


  • Please note, orders cannot be altered once accomplished. If you wish to cancel an order please cancel it before it get shipped.
  • A reminder will be sent to your email once an order is accomplished. Thus, it is highly recommended to fill in your email.


  • In ordinary times, we will charge 100NTD for delivery service and 80NTD for convenient stores' shipment if your order is less than 1000NTD. Please note, if your order is less than 1000NTD after deducted by bonus points, discount coupons, or any equivalents, you still have to pay shipment fees for such order.
  • Shipment fees may change in times of campaign. Please follow ourlatest news.
  • Delivery service can only be conducted on Taiwan main island, off-shore islands are not supported.
  • You will receive a text message once your package is sent to the designated destination. Please bring your personal ID when you pick up your package.
  • Orders will be shipped the next day on Monday to Thursday.
  • Orders accomplished on Friday to Sunday will be shipped by next Monday (Please note, shipment may be delayed when facing national holidays).
  • Orders will typically be delivered within 7 working days. There may be a delay in delivery when facing major campaigns. 
  • You may check out the shipment progress of your order in your account.

      Digital Invoice

  • Frudenia commissions CYBERBIZ to issue e-invoice after your purchase. Thus, please check your email and note there will be no paper invoice issued.
  • To support environmental protection, you will only receive e-invoice after your purchase. Please remember to check your email.
  • According to the government regulations, personal invoice cannot be altered into company invoice after issued. 
  • For environmental protection, company invoice will be sent to your email after accomplishing orders. Please fill in the correct tax ID number of your company.
  • According to the government regulations, company invoice cannot be altered into personal invoice after issued.

      Returns and Refund

  • Once you notice apparent damages on the package/product you purchase, please unpack it and record the whole process immediately. After you finish recording, contact us as soon as possible.  
  • All purchases on Frudenia official website offer free return within 7 days. The 7-day period starts counting on the next day after you receive your package. Also, weekends are included in the 7-day period.
  • To save your time, we only accept returning orders. Exchanging orders are not accepted. If you wish to exchange orders, please return and refund first then repurchase an order again.
  • Each order can only be returned or refunded once. Please remember to record the defective product and contact us. After we confirm we hold responsibility of the damage of your product, we will proceed your return or refund. 
  • We do not accept products that are intimate or sanitary goods to be returned after being unpacked or used. The cosmetics produced by Frudenia are non-returnable items since they are health and personal care items once being teared up.
  • We do not accept products that are apparently damaged, stained, and moisture. To be eligible for return, please keep the product in fine condition once you require to return. 
  • We do not accept hostile or mass returns. Frudenia possesses all rights of final interpretation on every returns.
  • We only accept to refund the total amount of each order. Discount coupons that have been used are non-refundable.
  • If the refund does not reach the free-shipping standards, shipping fees will also be deducted from the final amount of refund you receive.
  • If you return too many times without reasonable causes, please note that we have all rights to suspend your membership o orders on this website.
  • Please note, you may need to pay some extra fees regarding the returns you require once we find out damages that are attributable to you.